Please read the following FAQ carefully BEFORE contacting us. If you have a question or a problem you will find the answer below.

Digital Photos & Printing
Pricing & Payment
Returns and Refunds
What can I do with the picture?

Why digital?
Almost all pictures taken today are digital and they are used on computers, phones, digital photo frames, TV's and are shared by email, Facebook, Twitter etc. Very few are printed.

We sell you a digital image as it's quicker, cheaper, and more useful.

But I want a print!
Once you've downloaded the image you an either print one yourself, visit a high street photo shop with the image on a memory stick, or use one of hundreds of websites that allow you to upload your image and send you a print in the post. The prints themselves cost just a few pence.

If you want multiple prints its much cheaper to buy a digital image than to buy many hard copies of the print. You can also crop a digital image before printing.

The images sold are suitable for regular prints (6x4" or 7x5") and in some cases even larger. This is all most people want and most photographers will upload their original image for sale.

However some will have a much higher resolution copy available for enlargements or commercial use. If this is the case there will be an option on the image viewing page to allow you to contact the photographer to arrange a purchase.

Why do prices vary?
The sale price is set by the seller so the cost will vary, but digital image prices are very competitive and in general they are much cheaper than buying prints.

This is especially true if you are buying a picture including more than one person, or want multiple copies - you only buy one digital image, rather than buying several prints.

Prices may also vary between galleries within an event. For example, at sports events shots of teams may be priced higher than shots of individuals as you only need to pay once for the whole team to have a photo. (However, the cost per team member will still be cheaper than buying multiple copies.)

Why PayPal and how do I use it?
We use PayPal to receive payments via credit card because it is quick, easy and very secure. (PayPal is used by many businesses and processes millions of transactions daily across the world.)

There is no need to register with PayPal, you just use PayPal to make an online credit card payment to us. We then receive a confirmation and you can download your picture instantly.

Can I pay in any other way?
Sometimes this is an option, but its best not to as you only get an instant image download if you pay via PayPal. (You also have better buyer protection using a credit card and PayPal will take payments in multiple currencies.)

Alternate payment methods are dependent on the seller accepting them and will appear as checkout options on your basket. (So it may be PayPal is the only option offered to you.)

With other methods (bank transfer or cheque) you won't be able to download your picture until payment is cleared, which can take up to 10 days ... (blame the banks not the seller!) There may also be an additional administration charge for paying by cheque.

Please remember bank transfers and cheques require the seller to confirm if a cleared payment has been received, so this may slow the process, for example at weekends.

If you do have a PayPal account you can pay from that, rather than use a credit card, but please ensure you have enough funds before doing so. (If you don't have enough funds your payment will still go through, but as an e-cheque and this will take around 10 days to clear so you'll have to wait for the download to be available.)

Why can't I put photos from 2 different photographers into my basket?
When you use you are buying the image directly from the seller/photographer and the payment goes to them.

As a result you can only have images from one seller in your basket at any one time. If you want to buy from two sellers you will need to build separate baskets, check out and pay for each separately.

Occasionally you may find two photographers are working independently on one event, but you will still need a different basket for each of them.

Can I return a picture for a refund?
No, a digital file is a non-returnable product. Once it's been delivered you can return it and still keep it, by making multiple copies. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

I bought the wrong picture. Can I replace it with the correct one?
No, for the same reason as above. When you buy a picture we show the image thumbnail on your basket as a final check, but it's up to you to be sure you have the right picture before going through the checkout process.

My print has not arrived. Where is it?
You've not been paying attention! We only sell digital images which you download after payment.

The picture I bought is slightly out of focus. What do I do?
Sellers will edit the images they post for sale and will not want to post poor quality images as it reflects on their service. You can also judge the image quality from the picture viewing page before you commit to buy it.

However , very occasionally a picture slips through the editing process which is slightly out of focus, and this isn't obvious on the sample you see before buying. If you feel this is the case you should contact the photographer directly with your complaint. Please do not cancel or dispute payments until you've done this.

What can I do with my picture?
As long as it's for your own personal use, and not for any commercial activity, you can use the purchased image on your own pages on online photo albums, blogs or social networking sites, and you can make as many prints as you wish for personal use.

Charities or clubs may print the images for promotional, non-commercial purposes, but otherwise use of the image (whole, in part or manipulated) for publication or display is prohibited without the permission of the photographer/seller and the agreement of additional usage fees. If are unsure whether you can use an image or want to discuss commercial use please contact the seller directly.

The copyright and all intellectual property rights on downloaded images remain with the photographer/seller. (When you buy an image you agree to these terms and conditions.)