99% of customers contacting us have one of the following questions.

Why digital?

I can't see my event?

I can see my event but when will the photos be available?

I can't view the photos - they are not there!

I saw a photographer take my photo but I can't find it?

I can't buy my photos - the checkout won't work?

Why PayPal and how do I use it?

But I don't have a PayPal account?

Can I pay in any other way?

I've not received my PayPal confirmation email?

Why do prices vary?

Why can't I put photos from 2 different photographers into my basket?

How do I get my photos?

My print has not arrived. Where is it?

The download isn't working correctly.

When I try to download there are no photos for me?

I need to download my photo again.

I'd like a print.

How big can I print my photo?

What can I do with my photo?

Can I return a photo for a refund?

I bought the wrong photo. Can I replace it with the correct one?

I've bought the same digital photo twice! Can I get my money back?

I'm not happy with the photo I bought. What do I do?

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